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  • Term 2 Grade 3 Science Incursion on “Reptile Encounters”

    15 July 2022

    On 3rd June, Grade 3s had an amazing opportunity to have a thrilling hands-on experience of exploring various reptiles in live action. Turtles, snakes, pythons, frilled neck lizards and green tree frogs were some of the many animals that captured our students’ attention and excitement. Each student had one chance to hold an animal… Read more

    Term 2 Grade 3 Science Incursion on “Reptile Encounters”
  • Grade 6 Graduations

    14 December 2018

    Graduation ceremonies were held late in November for the Grade 6 graduates. Congratulations to all of them and we wish them success in all their future endeavors. A big thank you also to all the parents, students and teachers for their hard work and contribution towards students’ development throughout their journey at the College. Read more

    Grade 6 Graduations
  • Grade 3 Science Works Excursion

    20 September 2017

    On the 10th, 17th and 23rd of August, Year 3 students visited science works to watch the Planetarium show tilt. Students learnt how the four seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis combined with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and how the seasons and length of day vary across the Earth. We went to science works with our class… Read more

    Grade 3 Science Works Excursion
  • Grade 1 Weather Incursion

    20 September 2017

    Grade ones were ecstatic during the weather incursion this term, conducted by the very engaging activities offered by Supreme Incursions. The students learnt how to replicate sustainable energy, using solar panels and wind power. They explored the tornado simulator and observed how the debris is thrown about due to the tornado’s… Read more

    Grade 1 Weather Incursion
  • Grade 1C Weekly Writing Journal Entries

    8 June 2017

    Students are encouraged to express themselves freely by writing in their weekly writing journals. All the Grade 1C students are doing their best and presenting honest and interesting pieces of writing. This is a chosen piece from the class. Ms. Lamis Rafei – Grade 1C teacher Read more

    Grade 1C Weekly Writing Journal Entries
  • Grade 1B Term 1 Science Incursion Reflection

    7 June 2017

    Students' reflections: “When we got to see the snake we realised it doesn’t move like the worm. The snake has a backbone and the worm doesn’t.”. “I liked working in groups. We made a worm farm with food scrap, newspaper and water.”. “I learned all snakes have six legs. I touched the snake. It was nice. I smiled.”. “I learned to put things… Read more

    Grade 1B Term 1 Science Incursion Reflection
  • Grade 5Bs Hunky-Dory Family

    17 May 2017

    Meet Grade 5Bs very first aquarium, The Hunky-Dory Family, named by our very own students. Our aquatic family has definitely been an enriching experience throughout term 1 and term 2 thus far as the students are very keen on maintaining and supporting our aquatic family and are always eager to see the fish feed. The aquarium currently… Read more

    Grade 5Bs Hunky-Dory Family
  • Grade 3 Science Incursion: Hands On Science Solids and liquids

    8 May 2017

    On the 28th April, Year 3 students had a solids and liquids incursion. They investigated the changes that occurred between solid and liquid matter when adding and removing heat. Students' reflections: "I learnt that wax melts before chocolate powder when placed in hot water. I also learnt that water takes a long time to evaporate". "I… Read more

    Grade 3 Science Incursion: Hands On Science Solids and liquids
  • Grade 3’s Science Incursion

    25 October 2016

    The grade threes welcomed their first incursion for this year. A science incursion entitled ‘Living things and the environment’, presented by Liz from Hands-on- Science. The students were introduced to the main classifications of living things: plants, animals, bacteria, protozoa and fungus. It is exciting that some children showed a high… Read more

    Grade 3’s Science Incursion
  • Primary YCDI Program

    25 October 2016

    Dear parents, As you are well aware of, the You Can Do It YCDI program is still strongly ongoing in our school. For the benefit of our new parents, the You Can Do it Program is a social emotional learning curriculum, the purpose of which is to develop the wellbeing of every student across the school. YCDI’s focus is on building social… Read more

    Primary YCDI Program
  • Girls’ Inter-School Islamic Quiz Competition 2016

    12 October 2016

    Respected Parents and Guardians, It’s with great pleasure to announce that with the Will and Help of Allah S.W.T, Darul Ulum College of Victoria was the winner of the girls’ Inter- School Islamic Quiz Competition held on the 12th of October. The event was hosted by our school. Darul Ulum College girls were in a tough battle of… Read more

    Girls’ Inter-School Islamic Quiz Competition 2016
  • Grade 5’s Australian Animal Adaptations Incursion

    1 October 2016

    Wild Action has again provided an exciting and engaging incursion by ‘bringing the zoo’ to us. It was held on Tuesday, 16th Feb 2016 at the Gym. There were blue tongue stumpy tailed lizard, green tree frog, rainbow lorikeet, kangaroo, owl, koala, long neck turtle, black headed python and crocodile. Students learned about the amazing… Read more

    Grade 5’s Australian Animal Adaptations Incursion
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