Welcome to Darul Ulum College

At Darul Ulum College of Victoria we are committed to providing quality education in an Islamic environment that teaches students responsibility, the best of moral values and respect for others. We want to enable our students to be creative thinkers, positive contributors to the wider Australian community and become future leaders.

We are committed to and are continually working towards achieving the following:

Focusing on the individual – personalised learning and educational achievement

At Darul Ulum College we recognise the values and skills of each individual student and attempt to incorporate them within our teaching contexts. Structures, policies and processes are well in place to actively contribute to the success of all our students. Our curriculum programs are structured to ensure recognition of and catering for individual diversity and requirements.

Commitment to learning

At Darul Ulum College we are dedicated to developing programs and processes that improve student behavior, we support personal wellbeing and encourage academic achievement. We are committed to researching and drawing upon contemporary methods and practices for students to improve their thinking skills and develop a zest for learning in order to foster individual growth. Through workshops, presentations and consultations, teachers develop common understanding on factors that assist students advance their learning.

Enhancing the capabilities and performance of individual school staff and professional learning teams

At Darul Ulum College we believe that professional development is critical in building the capacity, capability and sustainability of our school. Only when a workforce is highly skilled, can it deliver a robust education that incorporates a good training program and dynamic educational support. We are committed to providing opportunities for staff to engage in a process of reflection and continuous improvement.

Provision of outstanding teaching facilities and a vigorous school infrastructure

At Darul Ulum College we are committed to continually improve our school to offer an inspiring, purposeful, secure and engaging educational environment for all students and staff.

Building extensive partnerships with the wider community

At Darul Ulum College we are committed to developing extensive partnerships between school, students’ families and the wider community in order to help all students succeed while at school and in their later lives. As educators, we recognise that both the students’ families and the community are partners with the school in ensuring every child’s education and development. Thus, we believe that when all stakeholders view one another as partners in education, a caring community forms around students allowing them to blossom and flourish. We also encourage greater community engagement in order to help the community benefit from our school’s utilities and services.

Encouraging creativity

We take pride in enabling students to realise that there are usually multiple paths that lead to understanding. Students are encouraged to seek out and experiment with new concepts and ideas. We are committed to providing educational facilities that support creativity, constructive innovation and high quality thinking.