Grade 1B Term 1 Science Incursion Reflection

7 June 2017

Grade 1B Term 1 Science Incursion Reflection

Students' reflections:

“When we got to see the snake we realised it doesn’t move like the worm. The snake has a backbone and the worm doesn’t.”

“I liked working in groups. We made a worm farm with food scrap, newspaper and water.”

“I learned all snakes have six legs. I touched the snake. It was nice. I smiled.”

“I learned to put things in order… in colours and that have back bones and that don’t have back bones. It was really interesting when she (the presenter) let everyone touch her pet snake. It felt soft.”

“I liked the scorpion. It was in glass.”

“I learned that snakes can lift their head and worms cannot.”

[Ms. Kayenath Shah – Grade 1B teacher]