Fawkner Mosque

Darul Ulum College has a Prayer Hall (Mosque) on site for the use of students, staff and visiting community members. The Mosque is open for public use even during college hours, although with certain restrictions.

The Mosque and associated facilities offer an official capacity of 1230 patrons[1]. Featuring a distinctive central dome, high ceilings, ample natural lighting and large open spaces, Fawkner Mosque has an atmosphere of warmth and serenity.

Ample ablution and washroom facilities are located within the adjoining rear courtyard. A prayer room is available for ladies, along with associated facilities.

A dedicated Mosque carpark (entrance from Elizabeth St) has fifty car parking bays, and ample parking is also available within the College’s main car parking areas.

[1] The Council has granted special permission to run special annual events such as the two annual Eid Prayers and Bi-Annual weekend religious events.

History of Fawkner Mosque

The standalone Mosque was completed in April 2003, with a mezzanine floor and gallery areas comprising of more than 750m2 of prayer space.

In October 2008, a rear courtyard was added to the Prayer Hall proving an extra 330m2 of indoor prayer and general-purpose space, large ablutions area, washroom facilities, stores, and several tutorial rooms. In 2013 two side rooms were completed to the north of the Prayer Hall comprising of a commercial kitchen.

Recent renovations include the conversion of the southern outside area of the Mosque to a 200m2 passive recreational area, incorporating a new concrete surface, hedged garden beds, seating benches and drinking fountains.

Internally the Masjid was repainted with a new refreshing colour theme and new woollen carpet laid (imported directly from Turkey). Floor to ceiling glass replace the old entry windows and doors. New automatically synchronised clocks and digital display boards have also been installed, displaying live Salah timings and important information.


Fawkner Mosque