Senior VCE Overview

Welcome to the VCE department at Darul Ulum College of Victoria. This is an exciting phase in students’ lives as they enter the final years of their secondary schooling and take on pathways to pursue their future endeavor. It is important that we all work together as a team – teachers, parents and students, in order to achieve the best outcomes possible.

While the majority of students complete the bulk of their VCE studies over two years, some students may benefit from the flexibility of a three year program. The decision to study over the course of three years needs to be taken carefully and only after appropriate consultation has occurred between relevant parties: students, parents, staff, careers officer and school administrators. Factors to be considered may include: attitude, behaviour, academic results, time management skills, maturity, readiness, past experiences, interests, career and future course needs and work habits.

Students are reminded that success in their Year 12 subjects requires them to consolidate their knowledge and skills at Year 11 level.

We wish all VCE students success. The Darul Ulum College community is here to support you in achieving your best.