VCE Discipline Overview

At Darul Ulum College of Victoria, students must conduct themselves in a manner that maintains a climate in which all students feel respected, valued and safe. A fair and equitable school-wide Discipline Policy contributes to that climate and consequently enhances students’ educational experience. Our College’s Discipline Policy includes school rules and code of conduct, strategies to promote good discipline and effective learning within the school, practices designed to recognise and reinforce positive behaviour and strategies for dealing with unacceptable behaviour.


1 . To develop in the student self-discipline and a sense of responsibility.

2 . To enhance the students’ self-esteem and encourage self-respect for others.

3 . To foster good relations between students, teachers and the school community by encouraging acceptable and positive behaviour.

4 . To know and understand the reasons for rules and routines.

5 . To establish well understood and logical consequences for student behaviour.

6 . To accustom students to sound habits of good behaviour.

7 . To encourage a consistent approach to discipline amongst all staff members.

8 . To raise attainment through the promotion of positive behaviour.

The Honour System

An Honour System is in place for all teachers to recognise consistent positive behaviours displayed by students. A dual honour system will be in operation – firstly, at classroom level and secondly at school level. The Honour System in class is monitored by the class teachers while the Honour System at school level is administered by the Level Coordinators.