VCE Health and Human Development

Health & Human Development 

Each Unit 1 – 4  contains specific content in areas of study and is designed to enable students to achieve a set of outcomes for that unit. Each outcome is described in terms of key knowledge and key skills.

Unit 1: Understanding health and well-being

  • Students identify personal perspectives &  priorities relating to health & wellbeing, and enquire into factors that influence health attitudes, beliefs and practices, including among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Unit 2: Managing health and development

  • Students look  at the transitions in health and wellbeing, and development, from lifespan and societal perspectives.

Unit 3: Australia’s health in a globalised world

  • able to the explain complex, dynamic and global nature of health and wellbeing, interpret and apply Australia’s health status data and analyse variations in health status.
  • able to explain changes to public health approaches, analyse improvements in population health over time and evaluate health promotion strategies.

Unit 4: Health and Human development in a global context

  • able to analyse similarities and differences in health status and burden of disease globally and the factors that contribute to differences in health and wellbeing.
  • able to analyse relationships between the SDGs and their role in the promotion of health and human development, and evaluate the effectiveness of global aid programs.