Heads of School

  • Abdurrahman Gokler


    Mr Abdurrahman Gokler completed his Bachelor of Science degree in 1987 at La Trobe University, later travelling overseas to acquire religious education. Upon returning to Melbourne in 1991, he began his teaching career at one of the first Islamic colleges in Victoria. He taught Mathematics, Science, Religion and Quran Studies. He took on the leadership position of Religious Studies and Quran Studies coordination for several years at the same school. He also completed Intermediate Arabic at Melbourne University in 1994.

    In 1998, he became the Vice-Principal of Darul Ulum College of Victoria. He is one of the pioneers who played a key role in the establishment of the College; developing administrational policies, educational policies and curriculum documents for submission to attain primary school, junior secondary school and senior secondary (VCE) registrations during the school’s growth and development process.

    Mr Gokler completed his Masters in Education at Melbourne University in 2009, specialising in ‘Evaluation Forms and Approaches’. He was promoted to the role of Principal at Darul Ulum College in 2015. He believes in team work, collaboration and continuous improvement. He is innovative and is always prepared for new challenges. Mr Gokler is passionate about working in partnership with teachers, students and parents in raising faithful, successful and compassionate members of the Australian community.

  • Abdullah Elleissy

    Deputy Principal

    Abdullah commenced his teaching career in 2001. After having completed his schooling in Australia, he completed a double degree in Islamic Theology / Islamic Sciences and Arabic language in Damascus. He has also obtained an Ijaza in Hadeeth from the late renowned scholar, Moulana Abul Hasan Ali Al-Nadwi. Prior to that, he had completed the memorisation of the Holy Qur’an.

    Upon graduating with an Islamic Studies degree, he subsequently completed a Diploma in Secondary Education followed by the accomplishment of Masters of Education in 2008.

    Abdullah has occupied a range of leadership roles since he commenced his career at Darul Ulum College ranging from a department coordinator to the Head of School for the males’ section of the College. In addition to his educational role at Darul Ulum College, he has also contributed to a variety of seminars and conferences. On a voluntary basis, he periodically assists the leadership team of Fawkner Mosque in delivering the Friday sermon and leading prayers.

    In realising the importance of nurturing and facilitating for children’s needs in the academic and spiritual space alike, Abdullah’s passion is to explore the values and practices outlined in Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) biography to illustrate the interconnectedness between mind, spirit and contemporary pedagogy. The aim of this approach is to foster a culture of intellectual curiosity and positive citizenship.

  • Mouna Said Abdelhay

    Head Of School (Secondary Girls)

    Mouna‘s career in education began with a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Melbourne in 1998, after having completed a Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree. With opportunities to teach in various secondary schools, independent and state, offered through the intensive diploma course and various job offers, Mouna was passionate about working in Islamic schools. With the added challenge of being part of the newly established Darul Ulum College in 1998, her career aspirations were clearly met at the College.

    Embarking on various challenging roles at the College ranging from Secondary Curriculum Officer, Mathematics, Science and level coordinator, Mouna had the opportunity to gain experience in various dimensions of the teaching career. Her Master in Education gained in 2011, focused on Environmental Science Education, Leadership and Administration, further enhanced her educational qualifications. Prior to becoming the Head of Secondary College in 2015, Mouna was engaged as the Secondary Staff Coach and Trainer, capitalizing on her training in that field.

    Mouna’s educational philosophy revolves around nurturing proud individuals who understand the power of education, strive to attain their full potential and consequently display a positive representation of their community.

  • Rakia Chebib

    Head Of School (Primary Girls)

    Rakia Chebib completed her Bachelor of Education Degree at Deakin University in 1995. She began teaching year 4 students at DUCV in its early stages in 1998. Over the 20 years of committed service to DUCV, Rakia’s passion in making a difference for children in education led her to undertake various key roles at the College.

    In particular, Rakia specialised in the establishment and implementation of reading, literacy and numeracy programs for early and middle years in primary. She has been at the forefront in training and providing support to staff as the Early Years Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator and Reading Intervention support coordinator as well as a Cognitive Coach. Rakia also taught at secondary level as an English and Humanities teacher in 2001 -2002.

    Rakia’s knowledge, organisational and management skills led her to undertake the role of Primary Senior Coordinator and has since been appointed Head of Primary School. Rakia believes that all students have the capacity to learn and can show improvement given the right support, knowledge and skills. In her role as a Head of School, she works towards strengthening student, teacher and parent partnerships in an effort to facilitate success for all students.

    Rakia is committed to researching practices that introduce innovative and creative teaching tools to enrich the learning experiences of all students.