Primary Religious Education

The primary purpose of the Islamic Studies program at the primary level is to provide students with opportunities for the love of Allah and the love of His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to penetrate into their hearts. When such love and affection encapsulates their hearts, children in return will be better prepared to embrace the universal and religious values pertaining to all areas of life.

As students progress to the upper primary years, the content of the Islamic Studies program is conceptually a continuation of the main themes covered in the earlier years; however, with greater emphasis on age appropriate breadth and depth. The curriculum further assists students in developing their emotional attachment with their Creator and promotes the importance of replicating the values and practices of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to become a means of propagating love and harmony in the society.

The following are the main themes covered in the primary levels:

  • Etiquettes and manners 
  • Basic principles of faith
  • Basic rulings pertaining to purification, cleanliness
  • Basic rulings pertaining to selective pillars of Islam
  • Theme based historical narratives of the predecessors
  • Overview of Prophet Muhammad’s biography (PBUH)
  • Overview of Islamic history