Grade 3 Science Incursion on Reptile Encounters

27 January 2023

Grade 3 Science Incursion on Reptile Encounters

Grade 3s had an amazing opportunity to have a thrilling hands-on experience of exploring various reptiles in live action.

Turtles, snakes, pythons, frilled neck lizards and green tree frogs were some of the many animals that captured our students’ attention and excitement. Each student had one chance to hold an animal. Students described the animals’ characteristics such as warm or cold blooded, type of body covering, live birth or hatch from egg, has a skeleton etc. The presenter provided details and interesting facts about the fascinating reptiles.

The presenter taught the students to take care of the animals and it was interesting to note how fondly she tended to the animals’ needs and fears in a new environment, a classroom as compared to their natural habitat. Our students understood these tactics from her and held the animals very carefully and gracefully as you can notice from the various pictures.

Overall, the grade 3s had a wonderful time experiencing the reptiles in our incursion. Hope you will have a turn too!!