Student Wellbeing

Darul Ulum College of Victoria recognises that students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe and happy. All children and young people need care and support as they grow towards adulthood. It is fundamental to acknowledge that student welfare is the responsibility of all staff working in a whole school context. Each staff member has a vital role as a source of support and determinant of success for students.

Message from Student Support Services Department 

The most significant amount of students’ time, a part from family, is spent with school staff who are often the most important adult connection – the first contact point for many issues and services. Therefore, the aspect of student wellbeing is at the very core of the vision and mission of our College.

The College appreciates and values the uniqueness of each student and member of the College community. Our spirit is to promote a positive, supportive and secure environment for all students that facilitate students achieving their full potential. A whole school approach to student wellbeing emanating from the “Child Safe Standards”* and in light of the College’s mission and vision incorporates the social, emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical and academic needs of the students. We provide a centralised avenue for staff members to collaborate with regard to student’s pastoral needs who are deemed at risk academically, socially or emotionally. There are 4 core areas of “Wellbeing Components” derived from research findings by Prof. Donna Cross that will be addressed through the Student Wellbeing Program: a) Promoting Health and Safety b) Building Resilience c) Enhancing Academic Care d) Strengthening Relationships

Some of the services offered by the student wellbeing team are: – Counseling – Speech Therapy – Careers Advice – Academic in-class support – Professional psychological support – Teaching life skills to students via a dedicated and research based program called ‘You Can Do It’ (YCDI)

Over the years, the College has developed many in house programs that address the core areas of wellbeing as well inviting external agencies, e.g. AFP to address cyber safety issues, specialist doctors to raise awareness regarding healthy eating and drinking habits. The College has collaborated with universities around Australia, most recently with University of South Australia’s director of Centre for Islamic Thought and Education, Prof. Mohamad Abdalla. He visited the College towards the end of 2016 and his sessions about ‘Islam, Culture and Identity’ with the students, staff and parents were very beneficial in fulfilment of our goal of spiritual wellbeing.

*Child Safe Standards as specified by Ministrial Order No 870.