2023 Primary Department Spelling Bee

4 May 2023

2023 Primary Department Spelling Bee

We are pleased to announce that the Primary Department is organizing a spelling bee competition that will be held between week 2 to week 5, for all students. We believe that this competition will help our students to increase their vocabulary and improve on their spelling skills. The year level team will decide on the spelling lists. The competition will have three rounds:

Round 1

All teachers will conduct a Spelling Test with the whole Class Five top scorers will be chosen from each class as Round 1 Winners

Round 2

Five Winners from Round 1 will go through a second Spelling Test The Highest scorer will be chosen as Round 2 Winner from each class

Round 3

The winners from round 2 from each class will come together at one venue and take the Final Spelling Challenge. The winners will be awarded prizes.