Spiritual Guidance

At Darul Ulum College, we aim to promote a positive, supportive and secure environment that aims at facilitating students achieving their full potential. We endeavour to incorporate in all our programs the social, emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical and academic needs of students.

We have a holistic approach in caring for our students through a number of structured programs. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • school embedded curriculum for social and emotional learning through the “You Can Do It” program;
  • daily prayers and values reminders alongside meditation practices;
  • daily home group time for secondary level students;
  • Student Representative Councils for students to voice their needs and concerns; and
  • scheduled teacher meetings to discuss students’ academic and social and emotional progress.

Our teachers work on promoting positive behaviours and reformative approaches in managing students’ behaviour, prior to resorting to punitive measures supported with restorative practices. More pertinent issues are referred to the Student Wellbeing Department for appropriate referrals, interventions and advice. At times, this may include the need for external referrals to Allied Health through the Special Education Department, or for further intervention and assessments for funding eligibility.