Fee Schedule

Darul Ulum College School Fees Schedule for 2020

The College requires payment of all fees and charges on or before the due date. Fees are billed in four cycles with each cycle issued prior to the subsequent term.

Year level 1st child 2nd child
$70 Discount
3rd child
$170 Discount
4th child
$340 Discount
5th and subsequent child(ren)
100% Discount
Yearly Fee Term Fee Yearly Fee Term Fee Yearly Fee Term Fee Yearly Fee Term Fee Yearly Fee Term Fee
(F – 6)
$2,700 $675 $2,420 $605 $2,020 $505 $1,340 $335 FREE
(7 – 10)
$2,800 $700 $2,520 $630 $2,120 $530 $1,440 $360 FREE
(11 & 12)
$3,280 $820 $3,000 $750 $2,600 $650 $1,920 $480 FREE

Extra-Curricular Levy:

  • Extra-Curricular Levy of $125/year per student. Sibling discount does not apply to the Extra-Curricular Levy.

Capital Levy:

  • Capital Levy of $90/term per student which is already included in the Tuition Fee outlined above.

Books & Stationary:

  • Primary students are provided with books and stationary by the College.


  • If full annual fees (for all the students in the family) for the subsequent year are paid by 30 November 2019, an up-front payment discount of $200 per student is applied.

Note: There is a nil up-front payment discount when, in a family fee account, only some of the students’ annual fees are paid up-front.

  • Sibling discount per term is applied at $70 for the second child, $170 for the third child and $340 for the fourth child. The fifth and subsequent chid(ren) are exempt from the Tuition Fee and Capital Levy only. Other charges and levies do not attract discounts unless specifically notified.