Science Fair 2023

12 August 2023

Science Fair 2023

It is designed to promote problem-solving and creative-thinking skills with reference to scientific knowledge. This can range from building simple machines that can be used to help improve our daily functioning or creating a physical simulation that demonstrates the functioning of the body system or solving community, global environmental issues using relevant scientific concepts about ecosystems, energy and forces in physics just to name a few.

Dear students, This project will require you to conduct research, gain inspiration and use your knowledge of science to design an appropriate model that fits the theme of innovation. We kindly ask you to limit the materials to things that can be recycled or can be easily found around the home in order to save money, time and energy. As you embark on your innovative journey, be inspired and seek to connect the relevance of your model with our Islamic teachings. Also remember that engineers often experience failure along the way, but keep on persisting to come up with your final creation. There are prizes to be won, but more than just winning, it’s your intention and effort to do your very best to connect science innovation with our deen that is an experience worth having.

We hope you benefit from this experience of becoming innovators in science, engineering and problem solving. We hope you will gain an appreciation for the complexity of the natural world and thus, be better prepared to plan a self-sustaining environment. We look forward to celebrating your inventive effort and your final model that show cases young Muslims' contribution to the theme of Innovation: Powering Future Industries during National Science Week.

Wishing our young Darul Ulum Scientists the very best!

(Source: Ms. Aishah Baharin – Secondary Science Coordinator)