Senior Coordinators

  • Cem Huseyin

    Senior Coordinator, Humanities Coordinator 7-10 Boys Phone 03 9355 6800

    Cem Huseyin is a graduate of B. Com. (Tas.), Dip Ed. (Melb.) and has been teaching for over twenty-five years in a myriad of schools in both Tasmania and Victoria, in the public as well as the private sectors across Year 7 to Year 12.

    In Hobart, he taught in two different schools and he also spent two years in various part-time positions and relief teaching. In Melbourne, he initially taught at one of the Islamic schools and thereafter joined Darul Ulum College in 1999.

    His lengthy involvement with the community varied from organising aid to poverty-stricken countries, being an active board member of Islamic organisations and running Islamic classes to adults, all of which is both a source of pride and satisfaction.

    Currently employed at Darul Ulum College of Victoria in his nineteenth year, Cem is busy with not only educating students, but changing lives and making a difference.

    Cem Huseyin
  • Nejla (Bushra) Yesilyurt

    Senior Coordinator- Secondary Girls' Section Phone 03 9355 6800

    Bushra graduated from RMIT in 2000, completing her Bachelor of Education specializing in both Primary and Secondary Teaching. She began her teaching career as a primary teacher at Darul Ulum College of Victoria in 2001. During her seven years of tenure as a primary teacher she was responsible for leading Early Years Numeracy Department. She then moved from teaching primary levels to secondary level, where she specialized in teaching Mathematics and Psychology. She was part of the dedicated team who worked hard to initiate and establish VCE studies at Darul Ulum College of Victoria. Under the team’s guidance, the school has been successfully implementing the VCE program from 2009. Since then Bushra has productively lead the female sub-school’s VCE department for more than 5 years. Focusing on the holistic development of students with an integrated Islamic understanding, a teacher support program was implemented at Darul Ulum College of Victoria with emphasis on capacity building for staff development and ensuring that teachers were familiar with sound pedagogy in implementing constructive lessons. In order to successfully implement this program, Bushra completed her training as a school coach in 2010. After completing the program, she worked as a coach and staff trainer for over 3 years before being promoted to the position of a meta coach. Since then, she has been an active meta coach ensuring that new coaches were trained and monitored well to keep the program running successfully. Bushra is currently teaching VCE Mathematics and Psychology. Furthermore, she is involved in multiple roles in the school as a leadership team member. Bushra is a dedicated, resourceful and a passionate educator who has always been there to support students and staff.

    Bushra’s philosophy of education emphasises that teachers need to build meaningful relationships with the students and parents to have a positive impact on a student’s life.

    Nejla (Bushra) Yesilyurt