Secondary Coordinators

  • Sher Afgan Malik

    English Coordinator 7 - 10- Boys, Time Tabling, YCDI Coordinator Phone 03 9355 6800

    Sher Afgan Malik
  • Nusrath Begum

    Math Coordinator 7 - 10 Girls Phone 03 9355 6800

    Nusrath began her teaching journey in India in 1999 as a high school Mathematics and Physics teacher while pursuing her teaching degree. After becoming a qualified teacher in 2002, she continued to teach in India till 2007. In 2007, she joined Dekalb County School System in Georgia, United States. Nusrath continued her teaching journey in Melbourne, when she first moved to Australia in 2011. Thereafter, in 2012, she joined Darul Ulum College to teach Mathematics and Science at different levels. Nusrath has been holding the position of the Mathematics Coordinator since 2015.

    As a teacher, Nusrath is always motivated by the desire to help the students to find the spark of joy in discovering and understanding new concepts. The most rewarding part of her career as a teacher is to work with students one-on-one and to witness that they finally grasp the essence of a new idea.

    Nusrath Begum
  • Muddasser Maqsood Dhedhy

    Science Coordinator 7 - 10 - Boys, Standarised Assessment Associate Phone 03 9355 6800

    Muddasser is an active member of the institution, specialising in Science, Mathematics, Islamic Studies and Quran. He began his teaching journey at the College in 2013 as a Mathematics and Quran teacher, and then progressed onto managing various departments. Along with his position as one of the College’s VCE teachers, he is the Careers Advisor on the boys’ section as well as the intervention coordinator and newsletter editor. He has also been appointed as Science Coordinator for the secondary boys’ section since 2016.

    Muddasser values the gifts every student holds within them, and strives to help students unleash their potential and talents. He takes a high interest in individualised learning and differential teaching to ensure that each student proudly achieves their personal best.

    Muddasser Maqsood Dhedhy
  • Adele Agha-Masri

    Teacher Phone 03 9355 6800

    Adele has joined DUCV in 2017. She is the VCE Chemistry Teacher and Year 10 Science Teacher for 2017. She had previously worked at another school between 2008 to 2016 where she held many positions over the years including Senior Head of the Science Department, Year 11 and 12 Level Coordinator and VCE Coordinator. Adele has been a VCE Chemistry teacher since 2010 and holds a great passion for the subject. Her objective is to motivate more students to choose and succeed at VCE Science.

    Adele Agha-Masri
  • Cem Huseyin

    Senior Coordinator, Humanities Coordinator 7-10 Boys Phone 03 9355 6800

    Cem Huseyin is a graduate of B. Com. (Tas.), Dip Ed. (Melb.) and has been teaching for over twenty-five years in a myriad of schools in both Tasmania and Victoria, in the public as well as the private sectors across Year 7 to Year 12.

    In Hobart, he taught in two different schools and he also spent two years in various part-time positions and relief teaching. In Melbourne, he initially taught at one of the Islamic schools and thereafter joined Darul Ulum College in 1999.

    His lengthy involvement with the community varied from organising aid to poverty-stricken countries, being an active board member of Islamic organisations and running Islamic classes to adults, all of which is both a source of pride and satisfaction.

    Currently employed at Darul Ulum College of Victoria in his nineteenth year, Cem is busy with not only educating students, but changing lives and making a difference.

    Cem Huseyin
  • Karam Barakat

    Humanities Coordinator – Girls' Section Phone 03 9355 6800

    Ms Karam graduated with Diploma in Secondary Education in 2000 with a Nursing background and degree in 1995 and completed her Masters of Education in 2012. She has taught in various areas such as English, EFL (English Foreign language), Science and Humanities as well taking on various leadership roles as subject head, level coordinator and school nurse over the last 15 years.

    She joined Darul Ulum College in 2012 as an English and Humanities teacher, and has been the Female coordinator of 7-10 Humanities Department since 2014. She also became the Year 7/8 level coordinator in 2015 and continued in this position till 2016 for the Years 7-9.

    Prior to commencing at Darul Ulum College, Ms Karam worked overseas as a EFL coordinator and taught EFL for 5 years and has also taught at another Islamic school for three years.

    Ms Karam believes as a teacher, she must facilitate learning and growth academically, personally, and ethically. By providing a quality education to each individual in one's classroom, a teacher equips children with the tools necessary for success in life. Teaching in an Islamic school environment is also very important as it would give the students the confidence, Islamic knowledge and skills they require to be prepared for the future in society.

    Karam Barakat
  • Qazi Muhammad Anas

    Teacher Phone 03 9355 6800

    Qazi began his teaching journey in 2012 as a Quran and Islamic Studies teacher. His respected father encouraged him to memorise the Holy Quran, complete an eight-year degree in Islamic studies, and then specialise in Islamic Jurisprudence; thus, he always loved learning and teaching these subjects. In 2015, he became the Islamic Studies coordinator and has since been fulfilling this role.

    He believes the key to success is understanding what Allah S.W.T requires at every step of one’s life, and fulfilling these requirements as demonstrated by the beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He strongly believes in the concept of ‘lead by example’, and that every teacher should be a role model for their students and the community.

    Qazi Muhammad Anas
  • Taahiraa Siddique

    Teacher Phone 03 9355 6800

    Ms. Taahiraa Siddique completed her Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts. She started her career as a primary teacher in 2009, and continued her teaching journey as an English, Humanities, Quran and Tarbiyah teacher from 2012. In 2017, she was also appointed as the Tarbiyah Coordinator for Year 7 to 10.

    Ms.Taahiraa is experienced in creating constructive learning environment and motivating students to learn better in school. She guides students through the learning process, and by facilitating them to attain success in their Islamic and secular studies. She has the ability to get on well with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities; and highly patient when working with those who may lack confidence. Her attitude to teaching is to motivate and encourage learners to believe in them and to continue with their studies.

    Taahiraa Siddique
  • Jihad Mohtadi

    Quran Coordinator 4 to 10 Boys, Level Coordinator 7-9 Boys Phone 03 9355 6800

    Jihad is a Darul Ulum graduate and he began his teaching journey in 2015 as a Quran teacher and a teachers’ aide for English, mathematics and Arabic. In 2016 he became an Islamic studies teacher. He is currently holding the role of Quran coordinator for the boys section.

    Jihad studied advanced Tajweed along with other Islamic studies subjects for a year in the Azhar university of Egypt, he also completed a 6-year Islamic studies course. He recently attained his qualification in adolescent counselling.

    Jihad believes that every student is unique and has strengths. He likes to search for the strengths of students, help them gain self-confidence through the qualities and strengths they have.

    Jihad Mohtadi
  • Aniza Baharin

    Quran/Tarbiya Coordinator 7 - 10 Girls, Students Support Services (NCCD)/Counsellor Phone 03 9355 6800

    Ms Aniza Baharin graduated from University of Melbourne in 1998 holding a degree in MBBS. Having a strong belief in the importance of a holistic approach to wellbeing, which deals with not only the physical but the emotional as well as the spiritual side of being; she has chosen a different career pathway by joining Darul Ulum College of Victoria, in 2008, as a Qur’an/Religious Instructor at Secondary level. She became Assistant Qur’an Coordinator in 2009 before her appointment as Qur’an Coordinator in 2010. In 2015 and to date she has been appointed to coordinate the Secondary Girls Qur’an Department. Aniza is currently working towards completing a Masters of Teaching in Secondary Education.

    In 2015, she was appointed as the College Counsellor for the female section and in 2016 to coordinate the Student Wellbeing Department. Her role has been extended to address Staff Wellbeing issues in 2017. Ms Aniza has participated in numerous wellbeing workshops and professional development sessions addressing wellbeing issues such as:

    • Disordered Eating • Understanding and Supporting Children with Anxiety • Understanding Self-Harming Behaviour and Engaging At Risk Students • Enhancing Teaching and Learning Outcomes by Incorporating Positive Psychology • Working with Students Experiencing Loss and Grief • Tackling Anxiety and Building Resilience in Young people • Building and Promoting Resilience in Adolescent Girls • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction • Seminar on The Challenging Net-generation • Practical Evidence for those working with students experiencing Emotional and Social Difficulties

    She still believes in a holistic focus to wellbeing for both students and staff as well as a strong faith that will contribute towards a peaceful and beneficial contribution to society and the achievement of personal best.

    Aniza Baharin
  • Sinan Yasin Demir

    Subject Coordinator Eng, Hum, Art, Tech, PE 4 - 6 Boys Phone 03 9355 6800

    Sinan commenced his teaching career in 2014 as a CRT and joined DUCV as a Grade 5 form Teacher in 2015. He became the Art & Technologies Coordinator (Boys) in 2016 and still continues as the Grade 5 form Teacher.

    Sinan endeavours to not only teach students the current curriculum but provide them with the tools and skills to become independent critical thinkers and encourage their learning to be continuous throughout their schooling and later life.

    Sinan Yasin Demir
  • Sarwat Rehan

    Teacher Phone 03 9355 6800

    Ms Sarwat has 25+ years of diversified experience in the field of education and technology gained through studying and working in commercial and educational sector in Australia and overseas. She completed her year 12 with pre-med subjects in 1987. She became interested in the computer science field and completed her degree in B. Com and Diploma in Computer Science in 1989, in Pakistan.

    Upon migrating to Australia in 1995, she completed her Master’s degree in Information Systems at Swinburne University. Later, she completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration, focusing on Leading Education Organisation, Curriculum & Assessment and Human Resource Development and Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching with Business Management and Information Technology methods in 2004, at the University of Melbourne.

    Ms Sarwat joined Darul Ulum College in 2005. Later in 2006-2008 she had the opportunity of working as as a replacement teacher in various state and independent schools. She re-joined Darul Ulum College in 2008 as a teacher. In 2012, she was entrusted with the additional responsibility of assistant assessment coordinator, where she has extended her support in developing assessment tools and overseeing the school’s internal and external assessment and reporting process and procedures. From 2013 to date, she has been working as an art, technology and business management teacher, and secondary art and technology coordinator. For her, education is the understanding gained after studying and/or experiencing life lessons, which develops the power of wisdom, reasoning and judgment within students, and prepares them, intellectually for their present and future life situations

    Sarwat Rehan
  • Ibrahim Barakat

    Teacher Phone 03 9355 6800

    Mr Ibrahim graduated with Diploma in secondary Education in 2000 with a background computer and Mathematical science degree in 1990 and completed his Master in Teaching and Education in 2012. He has taught in various areas such as Mathematics, LOTE (Arabic), and Information Technology, as well taking on various leadership roles such as subject head in both primary and secondary over the last 16 years.

    He joined Darul Ulum College in 2011 as an Arabic and Mathematics teacher, and has been an Arabic Coordinator since 2014. Prior to commencing at Darul ulum college, Mr Ibrahim worked in other Islamic schools for approximately 7 years. He worked overseas as well, as a discipline and curriculum coordinator in the middle school and taught Mathematics.

    Mr Ibrahim believes that the teacher has a significant responsibility in preparing young people to lead successful and productive lives. The teacher's effectiveness has a powerful impact on student’s achievement. Therefore, effective teachers can be a source of inspiration and consistent influence on young people as they make choices about their education, work and life. Studying in an Islamic College empowers students with the Islamic knowledge they require to make informed decisions.

    Ibrahim Barakat
  • Nergis SELMAN

    Teacher Phone 03 9355 6800

    Reshide graduated from La Trobe University and completed her Master of Education in 2014. She joined Darul Ulum College of Victoria in term 2, 2015 and has been teaching English, Humanities and PE to Year 7 to 10 students. She strives on planning activities that develop the creative skills and interests of students. She is motivated to create exciting lessons to generate an inspiring classroom. She is also passionate to open their minds and encourage them to look beyond the conventional and ordinary, so as to develop significant experiences within the school.

    Reshide plays a vital role in moulding the character and health of every child by engaging them in a variety of active play. She finds sports and health as a worthy subject that is essential for a child’s heart and mind, which is what motivated her to undertake the role of PE/Health Coordinator.

    Nergis SELMAN
  • Muhammed OMER

    Maths Coordinator 7 - 12 - Boys Phone 03 9355 6800

    Muhammed OMER