Science Curriculum Overview

Darul Ulum College’s practical and relevant Science program has been designed to ensure that students are given every opportunity to learn about the physical and material world around them in a context which is consistent with Islamic teachings and practices.

Studying Science develops ours students’ investigative skills, it trains them in laboratory techniques and it teaches them the critical analysis and communication skills that are essential for lifelong learning. Year 7-10 Science incorporates Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geology and leads to a full range of VCE Science subjects in senior years.

Darul Ulum College’s Science program is unique in that every opportunity is taken to make connections between modern Science, the Quran and Sunna. Through this practice our students obtain a greater appreciation of the majesty of Allah. The school is equipped with a modern Science laboratory which the students visit frequently to undertake engaging experimental activities. Students are also given the opportunity to attend a variety of hands on excursions and incursions as well as participate in an annual Science Fair.

“The scientists who study the beings that Allah created understand His greatness better than other people.”

(Fakhraddin Razi)

Science Themes and Topics
Working Scientifically Classifications Properties and Substances Earth Resources
Habitats and Interactions Forces Mixtures Earth in Space
Working with Scientific Data Body Systems Substances Energy
Cells Reproduction Physical& Chemical Change Rocks and Mining
Scientific Inquiry Skills Body Coordination Heat, Light and Sound Ecosystems
Materials Disease Electricity Plate Tectonics
Communicating Scientifically Periodic Table Motion and Energy Geological Time
DNA and Genetics Chemical Reactions Global Systems Natural Selection and Evolution

Science Laboratory