Primary Coordinators

  • Safaa EL-MASSRI

    Teacher Phone 03 9355 6800

    Safaa EL-MASSRI
  • Nurhidayati Ali

    Lead Coordinator - Primary Girls Phone 03 9355 6800

    Nurhidayati Ali began her teaching career in Singapore in 2003. She has experience teaching in both Primary and Secondary school. Nurhidayati graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Education) with Merit from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and a Master of Education (International Education) from Monash University.

    Nurhidayati joined Darul Ulum College of Victoria in 2013 as a parent volunteer before taking up casual teaching position years later. She became a full-time teaching staff in 2016 and is committed to engage and inspire students to reach their full potential. She also motivates students to learn and grow while upholding their Islamic beliefs and identities.

    Nurhidayati Ali
  • Nahida Khan

    Primary English/Humanities 4 to 6 Phone 03 9355 6800

    Nahida Khan is a graduate from the University of Bombay (Mumbai) with a Bachelor's Degree in Science and Graduate Diploma of Education from RMIT University Melbourne. Before joining the dynamic and vibrant team of Darul Ulum College as a primary teacher in 2014, Ms Nahida worked in a local government school for three years which gave her a varied teaching and learning experience.

    Nahida understands the need to nurture young minds and believes in building positive relationships with students. As a teacher, she considers it her moral responsibility to provide cognitive tools and strategies for her students to help them develop as positive contributors to our society.

    Nahida Khan
  • Zainab Ahmad Sheikh

    NCCD Coordinator P-2 Phone 03 9355 6800

    Zainab completed her Diploma of Education at Latrobe University before beginning her teaching journey at Darul Ulum College of Victoria in 2008. She has extensive experience in teaching lower primary classes at the College. In 2015 she took on the role of primary English and Humanities coordinator for a period of 2 years. Currently she is teaching Foundation and coordinating Foundation – Grade 1 Mathematics and Science.

    Zainab strongly believes that each student has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world and aims to assist students in developing lifelong skills. She actively works towards building a strong rapport with students and creating a welcoming and safe classroom, where students feel comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas.

    Zainab Ahmad Sheikh
  • Hufsa Huma

    Gr 2 Team Leader Phone 03 9355 6800

    Hufsa commenced her teaching journey at Darul Ulum College of Victoria in 2015 after completing her Master of Teaching at Deakin University. Hufsa is passionate about educating and nurturing young minds and actively works towards encouraging students to reach their full potential.

    Hufsa strongly believes that every child is a capable learner with unique learning capabilities. She endeavours to have a flexible teaching style to meet students’ individual needs to make them life-long learners. She believes in creating strong respectful relationship with students where students feel safe and supported and strive to maximise their own learning.

    Hufsa Huma
  • Pancawati Syamsu

    Primary Mathematics and Science Coordinator (4-6) Phone 03 9355 6800

    Pancawati began her teaching career in 2008 at Darul Ulum College of Victoria soon after finishing her Diploma of (Primary) Education. She has since been a form teacher at the school in mostly upper primary. She is currently also serving as Maths/Science (4-6) Department Coordinator.

    Pancawati’s enjoyment in working with children motivated her to pursue a career in primary education despite having finished her bachelor degree in telecommunication engineering. She holds firmly in the belief that children learn best in a happy and safe environment and that teachers have the responsibility of being good role models in akhlaaq, adaab and academic aspects.

    Pancawati Syamsu
  • Kaneez Fatima

    Teacher Phone 03 9355 6800

    Kaneez Fatima completed her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education and began her teaching career at the International Indian School (KSA) as a Mathematics teacher in the primary department. She worked as a CRT at Darul Ulum College of Victoria as well as another Islamic school between 2004-2006.

    She joined Darul Ulum College as a P.E/Art and Mathematics teacher in 2007. She became the level coordinator and P.E/extra-curricular activity coordinator in 2009 and continued in this position until 2014. She then became Health/P.E subject coordinator in 2015.

    She values and cares about the wellbeing of all students and believes in the idea that “you have the ability and can do it” as the key to success for every individual student.

    Kaneez Fatima
  • Sobia Iram

    Quran Coordinator P - 6 Girls Phone 03 9355 6800

    Sobia Iram started teaching at Darul Ulum College of Victoria in 2015, in the capacity of a Quran teacher. Prior to her employment with Darul Ulum College of Victoria, she has been involved in teaching Quran to students of all ages, since 2011.

    She took the position of Subject Coordinator for Quran in 2017. Sobia values a personalised approach to the learning of the Quran and the importance of instilling the love for reading the Quran. She strongly believes accurate modelling, assimilation and prompt daily feedback. She believes a balanced reading approach, produces eloquent reading, which in itself is the core for student motivation.

    Her passion and professional interests include supporting students in achieving academic excellence, and establishment of eloquent Quran reading in the wider community.

    Sobia Iram
  • Shehnaaz Nazneen Shaheed

    PTT Teacher Phone 03 9355 6800

    Shehnaaz Shaheed has been teaching at Darul Ulum College of Victoria for nine years. Originally from Fiji, she migrated to Australia in 1990 with her parents. She completed her secondary schooling at Melton Secondary College. Her inspiration to become a teacher came from her parents who were also teachers in Fiji.

    Shehnaaz joined Darul Ulum College in 2009 as a Quran and Tarbiyyah teacher; she has been teaching the lower primary classes since then. In 2014, Shehnaaz was the Subject Coordinator for Quran. In 2015, she took the position of the Tarbiyyah coordinator; at times coordinating the Secondary level as well. In 2016, Shehnaaz was involved in the organisation, preparation and hosting of the ‘Girl’s Inter-School Islamic Quiz’ at Darul Ulum College of Victoria which was a first for the female campus.

    Shehnaaz has set high expectations for herself as a teacher and she has high expectations of her students as well. She believes that learning should be meaningful and fun at the same time, and she strives to achieve this in her classes. Wherever possible, Shehnaaz tries to implement instructional strategies inspired by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

    Shehnaaz Nazneen Shaheed
  • Lamis Rafei

    Teacher Phone 03 9355 6800

    Lamis, with a professional social work background, undertook further studies and obtained her Masters in Teaching Early Years. She joined Darul Ulum College of Victoria in 2010, starting as Foundations teacher, then teaching grade 3, 4 and 1. She undertook the position of English and Humanities coordination in 2015 and Y.C.D.I coordination since 2016.

    Lamis believes that the learning of a child is greatly influenced by the thoughts, feelings and attitude of that child. This is why she aims to build a positive rapport with each student, ensuring that all students feel safe, relaxed and happy in class, their temporary home for the majority of their waking hours. She also stresses the importance of parental support and communication with the school in maintaining that child’s positive outlook on life.

    Lamis Rafei