In the subject of Qur’anic Studies, students begin by learning how to read, pronounce, and join the Arabic alphabet. Students are taught and expected to recite in the Tahqiq (slow) mode recitation. It is the precise, slow recitation that is meticulous and heedful of meaning. It gives each letter, in place and manner, its rightful measure (according to the rules of Tajweed). Students also learn how to apply the “Tajweed” rules in their recitation and read with correct rhythm and balance; together with appropriate breathing management. Students start from basics using the “Iqra” series, and with a lot of practice, they work their way towards reading the Holy Qur’an confidently and fluently with minimal assistance. Students also spend time memorising selected “Surahs” (chapters ) from the Qur’an that has been enjoined to be part of their daily routines as well as to be recited in their daily prayers. Students’ achievements are acknowledged through various incentives and awards as well as during our annual Qur’an Competition that is fiercely contested.

  • Foundation Grade Iqra 1&2
  • Grade 1 Iqra 3 &4
  • Grade 2 Iqra 5 plus specified Surahs from Juz 30
  • Grade 3 Iqra 6 plus Specified Surahs from Juz 30

Advanced students will be given curriculum according to their capacity and ability.

New students joining Darul Ulum College will be tested and placed on new students curriculum starting with the Iqra series according to their level of proficiency, fluency and accuracy of recitation.