English at Darul Ulum College

At Darul Ulum College of Victoria, we believe that literacy is the foundation for effective learning in all areas of curriculum. It helps create confident communicators, active listeners, creative writers, and imaginative thinkers. Our literacy program aims to ensure that students achieve success through a rigorous and balanced program.

Students are encouraged to regard reading, viewing, writing, listening and speaking as active and integrated processes and classroom practice promotes activities which integrate these areas. English teachers strive to provide a supportive and positive learning environment in which students can increase their self-esteem, confidence and competence in English language use, thus enhancing both their life skills and their enjoyment of English in a variety of contexts for a variety of purposes.

Our English curriculum follows ACARA and is organised into three dimensions:

  • Reading & Viewing
  • Writing
  • Speaking & Listening

Within these broad areas, skills and strategies taught include:

Reading Comprehension:

Reading a wide variety of texts with fluency and phrasing and comprehending (both literally and inferentially) texts read, viewed, and listened to. To enhance these skills a variety of programs are used which include; Reading Eggs, Reading labs, Springboard series for reading strategies, guided and reciprocal reading sessions, a daily reading program, participation in school and state level reading programs and a range of rich literature in the class and in the library.


Early Years Literacy (EYL) – Writing component is used to teach writing. The program includes; Immersion, Language Experience, Modelled, Shared / Interactive, Guided Writing, Independent, Authors Chair (editing).

Students in upper primary are further exposed to Seven Steps to Successful Writing to enhance their writing skills which include structured planning, writing, editing and publishing written and spoken texts. Handwriting is taught explicitly through modelling.

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are taught explicitly and integrated in the reading and writing process. To enhance each of these areas a variety of programs are utilized including a phonemic approach to spelling using the SMART spelling program, Word up for Grammar, and spelling through Reading Eggs.

Speaking & Listening:

Students are given opportunities to enhance their listening and speaking skills by explicit teaching of strategies and activities such as oral presentations, speech and debates, performance through drama and role play, use of a range of videos and audio material and Incursions.

Our Literacy program is personalised to address the needs and interests of all students within the classroom through a range of individual, peer or buddy support, small group, whole class activities and reflection. Students are encouraged to participate in yearly events related to literacy, such as Spelling Bee, Literacy Week activities, Premiers Reading Challenge, incursions and excursions.

A major focus at Darul Ulum is the implementation of assessment for learning programs. It is a critical component that guides the way in which curriculum learning experiences are planned and delivered. Ongoing monitoring of student achievements assists teachers to identify student needs and to set goals for future learning in collaboration with each individual student. These techniques enable staff to clearly identify where a student is at, and how to move their learning forward in the most effective way to meet their individual needs.