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Secondary Girls Quran Competition

27 November 2017

Secondary Girls Quran Competition

Alhamdulillah, we had our annual Secondary Qur’an Competition held on Wednesday 25th October 2017. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the students, suspense of the top 3 finalists competing for the prizes as well as the dedication of the judges and contributions from other staff members and students. The presence of the beautiful mothers of the participating students at this blessed event made it all the more special, as well as our enthusiastic MC fromYear 12 who volunteered to host the event.

Like last year, the school has increased the prize for the competition across all categories, acknowledging the hard work and effort that has been put in by the students to improve and work towards perfecting their recitation and memorisation of the Holy Qur’an.

The prizes ranged from $30- $1500 according to the level of difficulty of each category. Perhaps the most exciting prize of all was the full umrah package of the value of $4500. Moreover, it was won by a student who not only made nearly no mistakes in her memorisation of the whole Quran, but is also a Year 12 student doing her VCE exams . With all the workload she has still managed to keep her Quran memorisation strong which is an inspiration to all of us MaaShaAllah Tabarakallah!

The effort of all students were amazing, and the recitation of a few students were especially heart touching. It is clear that these students make a daily effort to not only correct their recitation but also beautify it as per tajweed and qirat rules.

The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said, “The one who does not recite the Qur’an in a melodious manner is not from us.” [Bukhari no. 7527]

A lot of the students are encouraged by the quality of recitation from the finalists and are looking forward to compete and start making preparations for next year’s competition. We look forward to seeing many more participants competing next year!

The students also did magnificent presentations ranging from nasheed, quizzes and Islamic talks. Well done and thank you to all who have contributed directly or indirectly for the successful running of the events and may Allah Taala make it a means for us all to connect more with the Qur’an through increase in recitation and memorisation as well as be a source of inspiration for others to connect with the Book of Allah.

Congratulations to our top 3 winners of the 2017 Secondary Girls Qur’an Competition.

[Ms. Tasnim Alam and Ms. Aniza Baharin – Quran Department]