Year 8 Excursion to Didar Exhibition

1 January 2023

Year 8 Excursion to Didar Exhibition

Last year we were grateful to have the opportunity to be the first school to go on an excursion to the University of Melbourne and participate in the Didar Exhibition. All Year 8 classes from the Secondary Girls Department attended the excursion at the start of Term 4.

Students had the opportunity to view more than sixty manuscripts on display from the University’s collection, including Quranic manuscripts. The collection dates covered period from the 14th to 19th centuries in many different languages (mostly Arabic and Persian) and subjects (including histories, marriage certificates, poetries, grammar and much more). Students also got to learn about the conservation of the manuscripts, history of paper making and looked at the material and artistic practices needed to create the manuscripts such as the inks, papers, paper decoration, calligraphy, illumination and illustrations.

Students also got to see samples of old Qur'anic manuscripts and see the progression evolution of the writing and fonts used in Qur'anic manuscripts throughout the years. Students also got to try their artistic skills by engaging in caligraphic workshops using the different types of ink that had been specially formulated.

Below is further information regarding the collections and some collections that have been digitalised:

  • Didar – Stories of Middle Eastern Manuscripts
  • Middle Eastern Manuscripts – Grimwade Center – Faculty of Arts
  • Miniature Qurans and Travelling
  • Digitalised Collections

Ms. Aniza Baharin – Quran Coordinator