Year 10 History Incursion: Refugee Council of Australia

27 November 2017

Year 10 History Incursion:  Refugee Council of Australia

On Friday 13th October, the Year 10s had an incursion whereby a presentation was given by Refugee Council of Australia. Many of us felt very excited and found it was an innovative experience. It gave us an insight into another person’s life, a tough life. Through Lizzy’s experiences, we were able to understand and acknowledge the struggles that refugees face on a daily basis. The heart-warming stories she told us, opened our eyes to the reality that not all people are as fortunate as we are. Furthermore, this incursion gave us the opportunity to be grateful for all the blessings that we have and allowed us to place ourselves in Lizzy’s shoes. In doing so, we personally connected to the rising issue of refugees, thus benefiting from this wonderful experience. On behalf of Year 10, we would like to thank Lizzy for having the courage to share her life experience, the guest speaker from the organisations for an informative presentation and for Ms. Karam for organising the incursion. [Year 10 students]

[Ms. Karam Barakat – Humanities Coordinator (Girls’ Campus)]