VCE Legal Studies Excursion Reflection

20 September 2017

VCE Legal Studies Excursion Reflection

Assalamu alaikum dear parents and guardians,

The VCE Legal Studies class embarked on an excursion to the Supreme and County Court of Victoria. Students were excited and eager to participate in a new experience, as well as to see firsthand how the legal system operates. Students were invited to ask insightful and engaging questions to a Judge, an Associate Judge, a Barrister and a Forensic Scientist. Students also had the opportunity to view a murder trial in the Supreme Court as well as an Intentionally causing serious reckless injury trial in the County Court. Below are some student’s reflection of their experience:

“On August 10th, the Legal Studies class of Year 11 went on an excursion to visit both the County and Supreme Court of Victoria. We spoke to Judges, Associate Judge, Solicitors, as well as Barristers and Forensic scientists to ask about any inquiries that we had. In the Supreme Court, we witnessed a murder trial taking place, where the homicide took place in 2008. However, in the County Court, we experienced a trial about a seventy-six-year-old man intentionally causing serious reckless injuries to a former prison mate. Both trials intrigued us by piquing our interests as they were both examples of criminal cases. We learnt a lot throughout our trip, such as: facts about the law, the history of juries and judges’ wigs, and the history of the Supreme Court. Overall, the chance to visit the Courts was a great opportunity, and we, as a class, had lots of fun”. [11A student]

“The excursion to the County Court and Supreme Court of Victoria was a monumental educational experience. It was my first time visiting either of the courts, so my expectations were high, and were met accordingly. Our first stop, was the Supreme Court, in which we were able to meet and chat with an Associate Justice, who taught us the advantages of mediation, and the effectiveness of a jury. We were also allowed to watch a murder trial take place, which was very exciting. Afterwards, we made our way to the County Court. This court was a modern step-up from the traditional Supreme Court. Firstly, we met a Judge in the County Court, who delivered an informative speech on the duty of a judge. He clarified how sentencing works, the factors a judge must consider before sentencing, and the different people in a court room who bring the trial together. Overall, this excursion was a highly enjoyable learning experience. I was able to get a taste of the Legal System in the real world, and learn a lot from the court personnel we met. I’m very thankful for such a pleasant trip”. [11A student]

“On the 10th of August, 2017, the Legal Studies class from Darul Ulum College of Victoria attended the Supreme and County Court of Victoria as an excursion. Within this excursion, we had many informative and new experiences. Our prior knowledge of the law assisted us in having an educated discussion with the Associate Judge, and ask him questions we had relating to law. Overall, the experience was exciting and informative. I believe we all learnt a lot from this excursion, and it was very beneficial. The excursion has motivated me to learn more about the Australian law”. [11A student]

“On the 10th of August 2017 as a part of our Legal Studies course, we had the opportunity of visiting the Supreme & County Court of Victoria. In the Supreme Court of Victoria (built in the 1800s) we had the chance to speak with an Associate Judge and ask him questions regarding his work and concepts of law and view a murder trial. We then visited the Supreme Court library where the actual Acts of Parliament are open to the public as well as transcripts of cases young and old. The transcript of the Ned Kelly case was cased in the library. Next we went to the County Court, and much to my delight we had the chance of witnessing another trial, where a forensic scientist came to the witness stand and provided evidence of the DNA matches which really fascinated me. Overall, this is a chance I will never forget as it was my first experience visiting the Courts of Victoria”. [11A student]

“On the tenth of august 2017, I was privileged enough to interact and communicate with many intelligent and knowledgeable people through an excursion we had in Legal Studies. Firstly, went to the Supreme Court building where the scenery and architecture was amazing. We were guided to the viewing gallery in which we looked down upon and saw various important people like the Justices, Solicitors, the Judges and their associates. This was a very new and interesting experience since my class have never been to a court room before and we will have it in our memory for a long time”. [11A student]

“On the 10th of August, 2017, the legal studies class of Darul Ulum College of Victoria had the honour of travelling to the city in order to witness cases and trials, and have a one on one with the judges and legal representatives that you would find in a court room. It was a very educational and enlightening trip that further enhanced our knowledge on the Victorian Court system, providing us with a real experience on what we have been learning. The highlight of our trip was the magnificence of the Supreme Court building, specifically the library and the criminal court room. We were able to watch two criminal cases, each with the defendant present in the room, which was intriguing. Overall, the whole experience was extremely newfound and exciting for the students of Darul Ulum. I hope for this opportunity to carry on throughout the years and motivate more students to take part in the studies, it is a day we will never forget.” [11A student]

“On the 10th of August, the Legal Studies class of 2017, went on an excursion to the Supreme and County Court of Victoria in the city of Melbourne. We had an engaging discussion with the Associate Judge, Solicitors and Barristers in both courts. We also spoke to Judges and forensic scientists to ask any enquiries that we had. First we attended the Supreme Court where we questioned the judge. Then we were seated in a courtroom, where we watched a murder case where the trial has been going on for 5 weeks. Next, we went to the County Court where we also engaged in a discussion with a Judge and watched another criminal trial. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience that we will never forget”. [11A students]

[Ms. Aseel Tebeileh – VCE Legal Studies teacher]