Literacy Week Activities

29 October 2018

Literacy Week Activities

To celebrate literacy week, lunch time activities were conducted. The activities were scheduled to create a festive mood for students to enjoy literacy week with literacy based activities.

Feedback from students:

“Literacy week was an eye opener to the variety of English skills and creative talents of Darul Ulum College of Victoria’s secondary girls. Their displays and mini stalls had their audience captivated and interested and we believe the activities completely changed our perception of English. I enjoyed the unity and harmony shown by all the year levels and our knowledge of literacy was enhanced through several fun activities that was organized by the students and teachers. We enjoyed taking part in the graffiti wall, spelling bee, snakes and ladders. Overall, it was a fantastic experience for all of us.” (Year 12 students)

“Literacy week was an enjoyable week as well as a beneficial week. The activities were fun and enjoyable.” (Year 11 student)

“I enjoyed literacy week a lot. Really was my favourite activity.” (Year 11 student)

“Literacy week was a great experience. I think everyone loved the stalls, especially the ones that the class made. It gave us a chance to experience the activities and also allowed us to enhance our literacy skills and refresh them in the process. It takes a lot of effort to actually come to the gym and enjoy the activities available. The games combined physical and mental skills, making it challenging and more fun. Overall, literacy week was a great success and the secondary girls enjoyed it!” (Year 8A student)

“Many senior students loved the RAP bottles we had organized. We had 4 winners and lots of fun. We are really looking forward to next year’s literacy week.” (Year 7C students)