2018 ‘Walk Back in Time’ History Exhibition

5 September 2018

2018 ‘Walk Back in Time’ History Exhibition

The Secondary Humanities and Art Department and all 7-10 students participated in the 2018 ‘Walk Back in Time’ History Exhibition during Week 4 of this Term.

Students had created special displays as part of their assessment task. They showcased their learning about ancient China, Egypt as well as Ottoman, Japan and Mongol empires, Modern History, including Indigenous Australian history as well as the two World Wars.

Parents, Teachers and all students from Years 7-12, as well as some Primary classes viewed the History Exhibition.

Some of the feedback from parents and teachers included the following:

  • “I enjoyed being part of such creative children.”
  • “I enjoyed the displays, the instruction of the exhibition about the tour.”
  • “The students put in a lot of effort and this exhibition was really well organised.”
  • “Very creative and knowledgeable.”
  • “Very impressed by the efforts put in by the students evident in all displays.”
  • “Evidence of variety and abilities.”
  • “Loved the exhibition, the efforts the kids put in... Happy to see DUCV encouraging the creative side of the kids.”
  • “Great to see all boys and girls work all displayed together so we can see their creative work!”

Here is a compilation of the exhibits displayed: DUCV History Exhibition 2018