Years 7-10 History Exhibition

25 October 2018

Years 7-10 History Exhibition

DUCV held its third History Exhibition in Term 3 with great articulate work produced by all girls and boys of Year 7-10 secondary students in support of the Humanities and Arts department. The two departments worked collaboratively to facilitate student learning for Year 7-10 students while working on their artefacts created for the History exhibition. The displays covered topics areas of Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Japan Under Shoguns, The Ottoman Empire, The Mongols, Making a Nation, Slavery, World War 1, The Cold War, World War 2 and Rights and Freedom. We would like to congratulate all students on the level of creativity and work evident in the displays. The primary classes also had the opportunity of visiting the exhibition and seeing how ‘History came to life’.

We would also like to thank all the parents who attended the open parent sessions
Some of the feedback from parents include:

  • “I enjoyed being part of such creative children.”
  • “I enjoyed the displays, the instruction of the exhibition about the tour.”
  • “The students put in a lot of effort and this exhibition was really well organised.”
  • “Very creative and knowledgeable.”
  • “Very impressed by the efforts put in by the students evident in all displays.”
  • “Evidence of variety and abilities.”
  • “Loved the exhibition, the efforts the kids put in... Happy to see DUCV encouraging the creative side of the kids.”
  • “Great to see all boys and girls work all displayed together so we can see their creative work!”

For more images of students' work presented in the Exhibition please visit:

7-10 History Exhibition 2018