Teachers’ and Children’s Appreciation Day

27 November 2017

Teachers’ and Children’s Appreciation Day

Assalaamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah,

Term 4 brought an exciting new start at the College with the Eid Festival taking place in the very first week. The students had a blast and after the day’s fun, they were presented with a sweet reward. We scheduled a Teachers’ and Children’s Appreciation session where both students and teachers presented the tokens of gratitude and appreciation that they had worked on for weeks preparing for each other, along with many other activities. The Year 12 speeches touched our hearts. The interviews were funny and insightful and the ‘Guess Who’ games were a way of getting to know our teachers better, along with making us all share laughs and have a good time.

[Ms. Hafsa Ahmad, Ms. Aishah Baharin & Ms. Aniza Baharin – YCDI and Students Wellbeing Coordinators (Girls’ Campus)]