Internet Safe Training Course for Parents and Guardians

20 September 2017

Internet Safe Training Course for Parents and Guardians

The College is pleased to inform our parent community of our recent subscription to an on-line course that equips parents with necessary skills and knowledge pertaining to the safe training of our children’s internet use.

The internet is becoming an integral part of our lives, however, from a parent’s point of view, a child’s internet use may be concerning. Every child, no matter their age, needs to know they have a trusted adult they can talk to about their online experiences. You are the person who can teach them how to be safe.

These courses are designed to show you how to create a safe and enjoyable online environment. You model how to behave in the physical world so that your child is successful and happy. With this course, you will have all you need to model how to behave in the cyber world too.

These courses were created by Brett Lee, a cyber-safety specialist, who works with thousands of students, teachers and parents each year.

The courses have practical actions for you to implement straight away. There are videos, printable fact sheets and links to useful tools.

You will find:

  • communication starters
  • technology rules or contracts
  • how to set up technology in the home
  • short cuts to staying current
  • fact sheets that manage important age specific topics such as stranger awareness online, privacy, cyberbullying, digital footprint, legal consequences and when technology has become a problem in your home

With these tools, you will know how to avoid negative experiences, look for signs that there may be a problem, and how to react when mistakes happen or negative consequences due to someone else’s poor behaviour. You can revisit the course again and again till the end of 2017.

We anticipate that this course will provide a good insight into managing children’s use of the internet.

Thank you.

[Policy Committee – Darul Ulum College of Victoria]