Primary Discipline Overview

The Behaviour Level System for the primary female campus is a four-level behaviour management system. The four levels are as follows:

  • Excellent Behaviour Level
  • Behaviour Level 1
  • Behaviour Level 2
  • Behaviour Level 3
  • Behaviour Level 4

At Foundation – Year 3 level, school based interventions or discipline may be used informally in the initial stages. Informal use includes intervention for minor violation of classroom/yard rules and less serious violations of school rules that are handled with a visual dot accompanied by a minor, usually short, corrective action/strategy. They are the sort of interventions that a prudent teacher would use to instruct children displaying appropriate behaviour.

Formal use occurs when a school-based discipline is used for a first violation of the stipulated offence. Formal school-based interventions may include the parent coming to school for a conference with their child and level coordinator/teacher or head of school and/or principal.

At Level 1, teacher is exclusively responsible in carrying out the consequences. At Level 2, the level coordinator initially, carries out the screening and assessment to determine the procedural compliance or lack thereof. Following this, the level coordinator will decide if the case referred needs to be dealt with at Level 3 or Level 1. If it is to be resolved at Level 2, the level coordinator may decide to either give the consequences specified at this level or that of Level 1.

If the case is to be referred to Level 3 or beyond, the level coordinator will ensure that the student’s discipline file has all the necessary forms and a referral sheet is put before the Discipline Committee to decide upon the outcome. Exceptional cases will be referred to the principal.

The Primary Honour System

In the primary school, student’s excellent behaviour is acknowledged via termly achievement ribbons, set on a certificate which is framed at the end of the year. Students who do not achieve a ribbon for a given term will undergo a goal setting session in order to agree on strategies to support working towards attaining the subsequent term’s ribbon.