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NOTE – if you have children attending across both Darul Ulum campuses, please use the following Fee Calculator.

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NOTE – Sibling discounts are automatically included in the Discount column above

Payment Schedule

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Term Due Amount
Term 1 fees 22 November 2024 $0
Term 2 fees 27 March 2025 $0
Term 3 fees 3 July 2025 $0
Term 4 fees 12 September 2025 $0

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  • Darul Ulum tuition fees and levies are reviewed by the college board annually and updated before the end of the current year for the next year.
  • The Darul Ulum Fee calculator provides an estimate of school fees and levies based on the 2025 fee schedule. Fee schedules for future years will be published annually.
  • Annual Tuition Fee and Capital Levy charges are divided into four portions and billed before the start of each of the four school Terms.
  • The two annual Technology and Extra-Curricular Levies are billed annually with Term One Invoice.
  • All discounts are only applied to Tuition Fee only for fee-paying students.
  • The upfront full-year fee discount is applied if the school fees for all students in the family are paid in advance before 30 November for the following academic year.
  • In the case of short payments made on full-year fees resulting from changes in school fees due to program changes (if any), discounts not applied or other changes in Fees and Levies, the full-year upfront discount will not be removed. All unpaid balances end of the current year left due to short payments are to be cleared as term four invoice balance.
  • The Annual Health Care Card Discount is applied in Term Three Invoice after the validation of the card is carried out via the Department of Education Portal. If card validation fails, the discount amount applied for full-year upfront fees will be left as an updated amount at the end of the year and should be paid with Term Four Invoice. The upfront discount applied to full-year fees will not be removed.
  • Please refer to the school fee schedule and other related information given on the school website for more information.