Health Services

Darul Ulum Academy Health Services contribute to the overall wellbeing of our students by focusing on their overall healthcare. The department assists by providing screenings and referrals, administering medications and treatments, providing first aid, health counselling and education, and supporting students to acquire a safer and healthier learning environment.


At Darul Ulum Academy, we have introduced new and improved facilities that seek to enhance our health facilities. New innovations, in terms of health promotion, counselling, first-aid, and medical emergencies have been implemented to cater for the growing needs of our students and to support and empower those who are in need or at risk.

We have several measures in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of our students are not compromised: – Registered Nurse; – competent staff trained in first-aid; – community-based programs such as vaccination, vision, hearing, and dental care; – early intervention; and – health promotion.

The College is committed to providing safety and care for those students who suffer from prior-illnesses and/or disabilities and require additional care, to the best of its capacity. The School Health Services provide adequate and holistic care to such students and collaborates with staff, families, and external agencies to resolve any pressing issues.

The School Nurse facilitates timely referrals to appropriate and accessible services for further assessments pertaining to health issues impacting on behaviour and development of students. Concerns and issues impacting students’ overall wellbeing which are raised by parents and/or teachers are followed up promptly to ensure they do not escalate.

Health Services also assist the school in responding to suspected and/or confirmed cases of infectious diseases, consequently allowing the College to uphold its duty of care towards its students and the community.

Cooperation between families, the community and the Darul Ulum Academy Health Services, will help to achieve a substantially healthier and safer learning environment for our students.