Darul Ulum College’s Scholarship Program

The College is delighted to remind parents and students of its Scholarship Program which aims at encouraging and recognising students in their pursuit of excellence. The Scholarship Program at the College is intended to provide students with the financial support to further their education as well as reward achievement and effort. General Guidelines:

  • This Program applies to all secondary students
  • Students’ semester 1 results moderated through alternative external assessments in semester 2 will determine eligible recipients (School’s semester 1 result is not the only determining factor)
  • Year 7 students will be determined in light of their Grade 6 moderated results
  • Scholarship benefits will be applied in the subsequent year to the year of assessment
  • Scholarship recipients are only eligible to the benefits of the scholarship scheme while they remain enrolled
  • Families with overdue fees/levies (current and previous) will be ineligible to redeem the benefits of the scholarship entitlements

Year 7 – Year 10 Scholarship Categories

Category 1
25% Scholarship
Category 2
50% Scholarship
Category 3
100% Scholarship
85% – 89.99% 90% – 93.99% 94% – 100%

Year 12 Scholarship Categories

ATAR Score Award ATAR Score Award
88 – 89.99 25% 90 and above Dual Umrah Package (Totalling to a maximum of $6000*)

* Conditions apply