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Year 7 Humanities and Science Excursion to CERES

27 November 2017

Year 7 Humanities and Science Excursion to CERES

On Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th of the October, the Year 7 and 8 students went on an excursion to CERES (Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies) on Merri Creek in East Brunswick for both Humanities and Science. It was an amazing opportunity for all students to learn about the importance of Water for life and Renewable Energy. It was fascinating to know that we were standing on dump that had been transformed into an environmentally friendly place to be used and shared by many people. Water is very precious and important in our lives. CERES environmental park was an opportunity for us to think about water. All the activities were based on the importance of water in our lives. We learnt facts about water and realized how recklessly we waste water without thinking. It also raised our awareness of how people in unfortunate countries suffer due to lack of water access or having unclean water. This made many of us realise that we should think about water use before we act. We also learnt about the energy resources that Australia mainly uses. We were informed how Australia has moved towards the use of renewable sources and how this will affect our country. Many countries around the world are doing the same. It was a breathtaking moment to learn about something that we humans use and take for granted to survive. It made us think about how we contribute to maintaining the earth. One small act can affect the life of one person. We would like to thank all the teachers that participated and came along with the Year 7 students. [7C student]

[Ms. Karam Barakat – Humanities Coordinator (Girls’ Campus)]