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Grade 5’s Australian Animal Adaptations Incursion

1 October 2016

Grade 5’s Australian Animal Adaptations Incursion

Wild Action has again provided an exciting and engaging incursion by ‘bringing the zoo’ to us. It was held on Tuesday, 16th Feb 2016 at the Gym. There were blue tongue stumpy tailed lizard, green tree frog, rainbow lorikeet, kangaroo, owl, koala, long neck turtle, black headed python and crocodile. Students learned about the amazing adaptations of these Australian native animals and had a rare opportunity to touch and handle the animals. Here are some of 5A, 5AH and 5C students’ reflections.

  • ‘All of these qualities are from Allah because He can do everything.’
  • ‘Allah is the most powerful and amazing. He can create, let it survive and give it the right thing and what it needs to survive.’
  • ‘Allah is the most smartest and creative. He is powerful and strong.’
  • ‘It shows that Allah is so smart to make every animal have different qualities.’
  • ‘Allah is so amazing and smart. He gave these animals these adaptations to help them.’
  • ‘Allah is smart to create so many adaptations to animals.’
  • ‘Allah is the most merciful, the most helping and caring because Allah helps all animals with special features.’
  • ‘Allah gives all these animals different features which helps them adapt and survive in their environment.’
  • ‘SubhanAllah Allah (SWT) has made so many special features for these animals to survive.’
  • ‘Animals know where their habitats are because Allah gave them the brain to know and also gave them beautiful appearances. There are many other beautiful animals in the world.’
  • ‘Allah has the power to give animals the special features.’
  • ‘It’s amazing how Allah made all these animals so different from each other. I didn’t know that a parrot can be so different from an owl.’