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Grade 3’s Science Incursion

25 October 2016

Grade 3’s Science Incursion

The grade threes welcomed their first incursion for this year. A science incursion entitled ‘Living things and the environment’, presented by Liz from Hands-on- Science.

The students were introduced to the main classifications of living things: plants, animals, bacteria, protozoa and fungus. It is exciting that some children showed a high level of background knowledge by rising to the many opportunities to share a lot of interesting ideas during discussion time.

As only children can make you laugh with their innocent and honest answers (that make sense when we think about them!) two students from 3C responded to the following questions:

  • Q: Why do frogs eat a variety of insects?
  • A: If frogs only ate dragonflies they’ll get a tummy ache…
  • Q: We belong to the animal group. Who agrees?
  • A: Oh miss! Does that mean we are animals?

Liz also asked students to compare different plants taken from different Australian climate zones. She gave them terrariums to plant different seeds using different waters to observe how well they will grow over the next week. The students also participated in an experiment that simulates water absorption by plants.

The most exciting part was the animals that live in different Australian climates! The kids were over the moon when listening to the descriptions of the animals and were watching them like hawks. All students took turns holding the green wet frog, the long neck turtle and the lizard. It has been a great fun hands on learning experience and a memorable one as well!