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Tender for canteen service provider

26 May 2021

Tender for canteen service provider

Darul Ulum College is seeking to receive tender offers for a canteen service provider. The service provider will be expected to provide a variety of healthy, reasonably priced lunch options to primary/secondary school children and staff members.

The school will provide a small equipped kitchen area for food preparation and cooking. The service provider will cook and serve quality and healthy food items to students and staff and maintain day to day operation of the canteen facility. The service provider will be responsible for running all aspects of the canteen and keep any profits for its operation.

Tender proposal closing date: 12 noon, Wednesday, 30 June 2021.

Ways to submit tenders: Tenders can be submitted in person in a sealed envelope to Darul Ulum College Office or sent by email to

For further details please read the tender here.