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Coronavirus & Rapid Antigen Tests

16 July 2022

Coronavirus & Rapid Antigen Tests

While many restrictions have been lifted Alhamdulillah, we are still required by the authorities and as per our duty of care to students and staff to continue with risk mitigation strategies. We must all remain vigilant as case numbers remain to be considerably high. Insha’Allah, if we all adopt a precautious and considerate approach towards one another, we can safely continue with the school operations without interruptions.

As such, it is of paramount importance for parents and carers to ensure that if their child is displaying flu-like symptoms, they avoid attending school until symptoms have subsided.

While face masks are no longer mandatory in school settings but are strongly recommended, the school may still require staff and students to wear a face mask if the school experiences high levels of transmission. This will be communicated to staff and students on a need basis.

Rapid antigen tests will be distributed to students during term 3 in three separate cycles or on a need basis.