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Semester 1 Secondary Exams

12 June 2018

Semester 1 Secondary Exams

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Please be advised that Semester 1 secondary exams are scheduled to take place between Tuesday 19 June and Thursday 21 June.

The exam score constitutes 40% of the overall result, hence students are advised to maximise their outcomes by dedicating some time on a daily basis to revise and consolidate past topics / lessons.

Parents of students who are absent on a given exam must submit a letter to the Head of School explaining the reason for absenteeism. Depending on the outlined reason, the student may be given an opportunity to sit the exam at a later negotiated date. In such a case, the student’s report will be published and released upon attempting the exam. If the reason of absenteeism is not justifiable, the student will receive a zero result for the exam.

Please refer to the Exam Timetable which was mailed out earlier in the term.

Thank you.