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Ramadan Initiatives by SRC Girls

17 May 2017

Ramadan Initiatives by SRC Girls

Ramadan is almost here and the school is buzzing with excitement in preparation for it. For the past few weeks, the SRC members on the girls’ campus have been busy bringing their bright ideas into action. We’ve implemented Ramadan awareness and preparation activities all over the school, such as:

Goal Sheets

Each class from year levels 7-12 have a Ramadan goal sheet where they can post their goals and work on achieving them during the auspicious month insha Allah.

Motivational Speeches

SRC representatives and students from each class take turns every Wednesday and deliver a 2 minute motivational talk about chosen topics concerning Ramadan.


SRC representatives have hung posters around the school as reminders and inspiration for the coming month of Ramadan.

Display Board

A large display board has been designated outside one of our buildings. This includes:

  • A Ramadan countdown
  • Our Ramadan themed art and calligraphy competition’s announcement and rules
  • Dua and encouragement for utilising the month of Sha'baan

Graffiti Wall

We have arranged a 'Ramadan Graffiti Wall' in our Building D corridor, where all secondary girls are welcome to contribute. Our students and teachers have loved the idea and have been filling the wall up with motivational quotes, Duas, sincere advice, and colourful art work.

We will also be having many other activities as a school throughout Ramadan.

We look forward to integrating Quran recitation and Khatm tallies for each class, where we record our daily recitation and the number of Khatms we have completed, and try to increase it as much as we can.

We will also start a ‘Quran corner’ for our students during recess in Ramadan. This will be subjected to the weather, where SRC representatives will spread mats on the grass area, and students who would like to can get together and read Quran. Looking at this will hopefully bring motivation among students and a spirit of a'maal in the school insha Allah.

I wish you all a lovely Ramadan and may Allah allow us all to strive for His pleasure and give our best during this holy month.

Jazakumullah Khair

[Ms. Hafsa Ahmad – SRC Coordinator (girls)]