At Darul Ulum College of Victoria, we aim to provide each student with an extensive secondary education in a safe and welcoming Islamic environment.  This is achieved through increasing student motivation, promoting student well-being and enhancing academic learning and achievement. Hence, Darul Ulum College of Victoria offers a high level of religious and academic education provided by highly qualified teachers and supported by quality resources in a unique Islamic environment.


2017 Booklists:


Subject Booklets:

General Information Booklet (Secondary School)


  • A brand new building allocated to secondary students with lots of learning spaces.
  • Spacious sporting grounds as well as a fully equipped gym.
  • Highly equipped science and computer labs which are able to meet the need of contemporary technology oriented education.
  • Highly equipped home and economics lab.


Religious education

  • An emphasis on respect and manners in light of Islamic ethos.
  • Provision of ample time for students to perform their daily prayers as well as other religious activities.
  • Application of the Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) Sunnah is encouraged and followed.



  • Friendly environment with a strict ‘no bullying’ policy.
  • A Student Representative Council (SRC) program which teaches council members vital interpersonal skills such as leadership.  
  • Extracurricular activities such as Eid festivals, sports days, physical activity groups, excursions, incursions as well as school camps.
  • Inbuilt curriculum programs for teaching life skills such as personal development sessions, career’s advice and the You Can Do It (Y.C.D.I.) program.
  • Individualised career services for upper secondary students.
  • An effective discipline system which has been integrated into all school domains.
  • Providing an exemplary Islamic environment to enable students to practice their belief freely.
  • A canteen which provides fresh, healthy and halal meals at a minimal cost.
  • Students from diverse backgrounds to provide a highly multicultural learning experience.



  • Explicit teaching of wellbeing programs on a weekly basis through You Can Do It (Y.C.D.I.) program.
  • Excellent Qur'an and Tajweed education.
  • Additional tutorial classes to rectify students’ weaknesses at no additional cost.
  • Student centred classrooms and the promotion of critical thinking skills.
  • Smart boards for interactive teaching and learning.
  • Loving and caring peers and teachers.
  • Additional preparatory classes in years 9 and 10 to prepare students better for VCE.
  • A team of dedicated teachers who care for all students’ education and well-being.
  • Small class sizes and focused intervention programs.
  • An emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy outcomes in all levels through additional support classes incorporated into the curriculum such as Essential Reading and Intervention Maths.